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Automation Software Partners

IDI have committed to being software Agnostic for our Docking Stations, we have partnered with 3 Software Partners with 3 unique capabilities and industry expertise. 


energy robotics


VOTIX developed the first platform capable of truly delivering drone automation, orchestration and remote operation, while being hardware agnostic. VOTIX expands drone capabilities and productivity by enabling BVLOS operations, autonomous flights, real-time video stream, precision landing and drone-in-a-box integration.
Energy Robotics_edited.png
Energy Robotics provides an end-to-end solution for autonomous inspections in capital-intensive industries such as oil & gas, chemical, power and utilities. Our hardware-independent software platform enables asset owners to easily manage a fleet of robots and drones for autonomous inspection.

At FlytBase, our mission is to lead the way in enabling drone autonomy for diverse commercial applications as the sky becomes increasingly busier with drones.

We are dedicated to building the world's leading enterprise-grade drone autonomy platform, that is modular and hardware-agnostic, and that sets the industry standard for seamless integration of hardware and apps.


Energy Robotics_edited.png

energy robotics demo


Flytbase demo

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