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About Us...

The future of Drones is limitless

The Power of automated Drones

IDI have developed Drone-in-a-Box Solutions to automate UAV workflow

Our Story

Backed up by 5 years of Drone Pilot Experience IDIPLOYER set out to solve a problem, how do you automate commercially available drones?

Using this experience and the technical knowledge within our team we set about prototyping and testing basic automation workflows, after successful tests with the DJI mavic 2 we rapidly went into production. 

The IDIPLOYER NeXus was born and shipped globally to clients automating operations across industries including energy, infrastructure and construction. 


Our Vision

IDIPLOYERs vision is to deliver simple. affordable and scalable automated solutions across the energy, security and construction industries

With simplicity at the heart of what we do we selected Flytbase as our software partners to ensure the reliability and scalability of our systems. 

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Blog and News

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