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a Drone-in-a-Box solution for 

Security Patrols and Response

Enhance Security with Our Systems Integrated with DJI Drones.

Deploy automated drones for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding, and aerial monitoring; schedule automated patrols and control them remotely with ease on the cloud over 4G/LTE/5G network

flytnow software

Fleet Control

Manage a fleet of drones and use the dashboard command and control features to manage your missions. View every mission status in real time over 4G and LTE


Real Time Feed

Schedule Project operations, manage multiple missions avoiding errors, deviations and long delays.


Live Feed

Monitor all operations and assets via the Drones live Video Feed. Control the Camera Gimbal with low latency.


Detailed Data

Download Mission Data and integrate 3rd Party APIs to expand capabilities and improve insights.

Save time and reduce costs error free.

Manual operations are inefficient and time-consuming. Drone-in-a-Box technology coupled with our intelligent software can provide drastic time and cost reduction whereby incrementing the ROI significantly. Subject Matter Experts can monitor and supervise multiple operations and initiate suitable response accordingly from a distance, in real time

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