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The Resident Drone Company

automate your UAV workflow

IDI are changing the way you think about inspecting or monitoring your assets 

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - LOGO

Simple, affordable, scalable automation

Your drone operations now have a home, your IDI DOCKs become the resident drone 

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Control
Fully Automated Solution

Run Scheduled Missions and send to location on demand without human intervention.

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Cloud
Scalable Cloud Solutions

Cloud Storage with multiple drones, view data online and send to your prefered processing software

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Data Transfer
Reliable Precision Landing

Landing with centimeter level accuracy on the dock day and night  and equipped with failsafes. 

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Performance
Simple, affordable & Scalable 

Simple design, simple maintenance.Enabling affordable and scalable operations

The IDI Innovation Range

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Nexus Plus

Simple Automation, packed with features.

The IDI Dock - S can house multiple small Quadcopter drones.

DJI Mavic 2 & 3 Enterprise

Parrot Anafi Ai and USA


Take your automation workflow to the next level.

The IDI Dock - L is designed for the Larger M300 Sized Drones.

Manage more complex missions requiring heavier, more capable payloads. 

Launching Q2 2024

Use Cases

Construction Site Drone in a Box.jpeg


IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Construction


IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Agriculture

Oil & Gas

IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Power Plant
Security .jpg


IDI Drone-in-a-Box - Inspection

Simple. Affordable. Scalable

Product Demo from U-ROB 

Visit U-ROB for more info

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