IDI Launching Fully Autonomous UAV Systems Jan 2021

A brief insight.

IDI are in final stages of development in the launch of a fully autonomous DiaB (Drone-in-a-Box) solution. After 18 months of R&D,  IDI have reached the milestone of Live Testing. But what is Drone automation and how can this advanced technology be used in the UK?

DiaB Automation involves the end-to-end flight of a UAV operation beyond visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) and extended visual Line-of-Sight (EVLOS)  of a remote pilot (RP). From initiating the mission to precision landing the IDIployer ‘Control Room’ Dashboard takes care of it all, even the autonomous fast charging of the drone.

The IDIployer has been designed with multiple industries in  mind, the drones are capable of multiple operation including, detailed mapping and modelling of incidents and long range inspection through our unique DiaB Relay System, our powerful OS provides the ability to inspect motorways, railways and coastlines with a single drone.

With exciting partnerships with ‘FlytBase’ and new partnerships with leading UAV experts in the UK the ‘future of drones are limitless’.

More to following…including launch video and launch live stream.

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