Drone Live Streaming

How to integrate Drone Live Streaming

Integrating live conferencing for the day to day running of your business may have become the norm during COVID-19 lock-down, enabling you to manage your teams and decision-making flow effectively and efficiently, however, it shouldn’t and can’t stop as lock-down eases.

Why? You and your business will become more efficient, freeing up time so you can be at the heart of your business when your teams need you most. I have (and I’m sure you can relate) spent hours upon hours travelling up and down the country to meet a client, validate a job or re-attend a site or business location frequently to expedite tasks. Whilst this one to one contact is critical at some stages of business, we all too often find a reason to meet, formally or informally. Our need and desire to engage with each other and sustain or build business relationships to grow our own has, for many years, been written in the rules of business, even to the point where we budget the spend!

at idroneimages we work hard to keep things ‘simple’, be it in our business structure, client experience or day to day decision making. Our ‘simple’ approach enables us to react quickly and respond to clients needs.

‘COVID-19 has changed us forever, our daily lives may never be the same again, some say for the better, others have mixed views. My view(s) as a business coming through this challenging time is that we must embrace, adapt and support others to get back on their feet, we may not be stepping back into the same shoes or wearing the same hat as early 2020’ but we will be back.

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