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Drone in a box Systems in the Security Industry

Drones have been around for a while now, and in recent years, they've become more and more popular in the security industry. One of the latest developments in this field is drone-in-a-box technology, which is being used to enhance security at major infrastructure sites, prisons, and other large, high-risk premises.

A drone-in-a-box is essentially a small, self-contained unit that houses a drone, charging solution, and a flight control system. The unit is designed to be placed in a strategic location, such as on top of a building or at the edge of a property, and it can be programmed to automatically launch and fly a predefined waypoint mission. This means that the drone can survey a large area in a short amount of time, providing real-time information about potential security threats.


VMS Integration enhancing the Docking Station Capabilities.

One of the main advantages of drone-in-a-box technology is that it allows for continuous monitoring of large areas. The drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and other sensors, which can be used to detect and identify potential security threats. This information can then be transmitted in real-time to security personnel, who can respond quickly to any issues. With advanced software integrations like Milestone, Drones from the IDIPLOYER Docking Stations can be linked to security software for automated go-to location responses, providing a live overview of the incident or alert.

The IDIPLOYER Drone-in-a-box is being deployed in a variety of settings, including prisons and other correctional facilities, as well as major infrastructure sites like power plants, airports, and ports. In these environments, the drones can be used to monitor the perimeter, or track the movement of individuals like workers.

Another important use case of drone-in-a-box technology is providing surveillance of high-risk premises such as industrial plants, chemical plants, petrochemical and oil plants, etc. The drones can provide real-time monitoring of process, identify potential hazard and possible breaches, and even in case of an emergency, the drone can survey the site, locate the source of the problem and provide footage to the first responders.

While drone-in-a-box technology is still relatively new, it has already proven to be an effective and valuable tool for enhancing security at major infrastructure sites, prisons, and other large, high-risk premises. It is no doubt, that in the near future, it will become a commonplace security measure at such sites around the world.

The IDIPLOYER drone-in-a-box system includes advanced AI technology to detect people and objects. The AI-enabled softwire is able to identify and track individuals and objects in real-time, even in challenging conditions such as low light.

The system uses advanced algorithms to analyse the footage captured by the drone's cameras, and can automatically detect and identify people and objects within the frame. The AI is able to distinguish between different types of objects, such as vehicles or individuals, and can even recognize specific features such as what the individual is carrying or license plate numbers. This allows security personnel to quickly identify potential security threats and respond accordingly.

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