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a Drone-in-a-Box solution for 


With FlytNow Software Integration you can remotely monitor your assets and infrastructure.


Reduce the risks of your infrastructure inspections with automated Drones.

With intelligent flight planning you can plan your vertical inspection around your object with stunning precision.

The AI and Dashboard provide live video updates from your fleet of drones, all managed remotely using one single dashboard across 4g/LTE. Create and share the data  to key stakeholders over the cloud powered  by AWS.


Fleet Control

Manage a fleet of drones and use the dashboard command and control features to manage your missions. View every mission status in real time over 4G and LTE


Real Time Feed

Schedule Project operations, manage multiple missions avoiding errors, deviations and long delays.


Live Feed

Monitor all operations and assets via the Drones live Video Feed. Control the Camera Gimbal with low latency.


Detailed Data

Download Mission Data and integrate 3rd Party APIs to expand capabilities and improve insights.

Save time and reduce costs error free.

Our partners Software and AI is a cloud-based solution that enables drone fleet deployment in just a few clicks, allowing you to manage your drone operations via a single web-based dashboard for a seamless experience. It helps you lower travel expenditures, reduce trips and increases productivity by saving travel time 


How we ensure you get the best possible perfomance for Solar Inspections

Sensor output sensitivity: 0.2mv / Wm2
Logger input Sensitivity: 0.5mv
Combined Sensitivity (rounded to nearest Wm2) 0.6 mv / 3Wm2


This means we could get a accuracy of +/- 3Wm2.

We take 100k sensor readings per second, for five seconds. We then take an average of those readings.

We take one read of the 'measurement' every minute to display to the User Interface


Sensor: Apogee Instruments: sp-110

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